Crowd Analytics

Prioritizing Privacy: People Counting and Analytics. Anonymous detection and tracking of people flows in real-time

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Unlock valuable insights into visitor, passenger, or customer movements across diverse industries, including retail, public transport, events, and tourism, with a LiDAR-powered solution. Anonymously and continuously track and analyze crowds in real-time to gain crucial data on behavior, density, and movement patterns.

Leverage this data to regulate people flows, enhance turn-in rates through optimal store layout and product placement, ensure event security and safety compliance, and elevate overall customer or visitor experiences. By adopting a LiDAR-based crowd  analytics solution, businesses can make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize operations and crowd management, leading to improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and greater business success.


Privacy-sensitive data collection

The solution only captures 3D data, making it impossible to draw any conclusions about individuals within the field of view.

Reliable detection even in harsh environments

Thanks to their solid-state design with an absence of rotating parts and an IP67-rated housing, our sensors offer durability and ruggedness, resulting in minimal maintenance and suitability for indoor and outdoor applications.

Seamless integration into existing systems

Effortlessly integrate our system into your existing setup for seamless functionality. Enhance your operations with ease


Queue Management

Businesses can enhance customer satisfaction by proactively managing queues through real-time monitoring of queue length. This involves counting the number of people and measuring the time it takes for them to move through the queue. By doing so, businesses can effectively minimize wait times, leading to a more positive customer experience.

Customer Journey Tracking

By anonymously tracking and analyzing customer movements, businesses can optimize their processes. Detailed data on where customers spend their time, which products they interact with, and how long they stay in specific areas is utilized to enhance store layout, refine marketing strategies, and improve the overall customer experience.

Heat Maps

Tracking customer movement facilitates precise measurements of customer density, dwell times, frequently traversed walking paths, and points of interest. This valuable data can be leveraged to enhance product placement, identify underutilized spaces, and ultimately contribute to an improved customer experience.

Emergency Response Planning

Lidar data can be crucial for emergency response planning. By understanding how crowds typically move in different scenarios, emergency responders can better plan for evacuations and optimize response strategies.

Public Transportation Optimization

Lidar can be integrated into public transportation systems to monitor crowd sizes at stations and on vehicles. This helps optimize scheduling, improve passenger flow, and enhance the overall efficiency of public transportation networks.

Crowd Density Monitoring

Lidar sensors can accurately measure the density of crowds in real-time. This information is valuable for event organizers, public safety officials, and venue managers to ensure that crowd sizes stay within safe limits.


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