Dependable alarm generation  with our 3D LiDAR security systems, ensuring reliability in safeguarding your surroundings.

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The LiDAR security system captures accurate 3D data, enabling precise detection of object size, movement direction, and speed within its field of view. It relies on reliable information to trigger alarms when an object genuinely enters the security perimeter, minimizing false alarms.

LiDAR sensors excel beyond prior security solutions, consistently providing high-quality data in diverse lighting and weather conditions. They also demonstrate strong resistance to compromise or hacking. The three-dimensional data enables privacy-compliant monitoring across various industries for properties and buildings.” 


Significant reduction in false alarms

Cut down on false alarms significantly! Our advanced features, like the cluster zone and exclusion zone, make sure you only get alerts when it matters. We pinpoint threats on a map with precision and accurately detect object size and movement for reliable security.

Reliable detection even in harsh environments

Thanks to their solid-state design with an absence of rotating parts and an IP67-rated housing, our sensors offer durability and ruggedness, resulting in minimal maintenance and suitability for indoor and outdoor applications.

Seamless integration into existing systems

Effortlessly integrate our system into your existing setup for seamless functionality. Enhance your operations with ease


Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Experience next-level security with LiDAR technology for perimeter intrusion detection. The precision of 3D data enables accurate monitoring, minimizing false alarms and ensuring robust protection for your boundaries.

Evacuation Management

Elevate your evacuation strategy with LiDAR technology. Ensure safety with precise human counting in assembly areas, enhancing efficiency and response during critical situations.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Deployed around critical infrastructure such as power plants, dams, and communication facilities, fixed LiDAR ensures constant surveillance, identifying potential threats as they occur.

Facility Access Control

Integrated with access control systems, fixed LiDAR enhances real-time monitoring of entry points, ensuring only authorized personnel gain access to secured areas.

Border Security

Deployed along borders, fixed LiDAR systems provide continuous real-time monitoring, detecting and alerting authorities to any illegal crossings or suspicious activities.

Smart City Security

In smart city environments, fixed LiDAR contributes to real-time surveillance, monitoring public spaces for security threats and enabling quick response to incidents.


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