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Accurate and on-demand stockpile measurement. 

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In numerous sectors, precise level sensing and accurate volume monitoring of diverse materials play a crucial role in comprehensive business and supply chain strategizing. Leveraging on our Volume Monitoring solution, which relies on distinctive 3D LiDAR technology, opens up a range of possibilities, including stockpile monitoring, silo level sensing, and various logistical applications.

The ability to conduct on-demand measurements and monitor volumes remotely across multiple locations facilitates the digitization of your organization, enhancing the intelligence and efficiency of material trading.

Large area coverage

Multi-sensor functionality enables the capturing of 3D volume data even in large areas, bunkers, and warehouses.

Reliable detection even in harsh environments

Thanks to their solid-state design with an absence of rotating parts and an IP67-rated housing, our sensors offer durability and ruggedness, resulting in minimal maintenance and suitability for indoor and outdoor applications.

Seamless integration into existing systems

Effortlessly integrate our system into your existing setup for seamless functionality. Enhance your operations with ease


Waste Management & Recycling

Our Real Time Volumetric solution ensures real-time, precise monitoring of waste in bunkers, enabling efficient waste management and cost-effective plant operation. The 3D volume data improves materials recovery facility efficiency, aids compliance with storage regulations, and allows waste companies to optimize resource forecasting and storage capacity utilization, enhancing overall logistical processes across sites.


Integrating 3D LiDAR volumetric assessment in mining operations ensures accurate inventory tracking, enhances resource allocation for increased efficiency, and improves safety measures by preventing overloading. This technology facilitates real-time planning, optimizing material processing workflows and logistics. It aids in environmental compliance and offers remote monitoring capabilities, providing data-driven insights for informed decision-making and overall operational enhancement in the mining industry.


Maximize efficiency with strategically positioned fixed LiDAR sensors in your storage facilities. Continuously monitor material levels, from animal feed to fertilizer, even in remote warehouses. Stay proactive in order management, ensuring you never run out of stock. These sensors also optimize product storage conditions and provide precise yield monitoring during field harvests, enhancing overall agricultural efficiency.


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